UNIX-like environment

To me a UNIX-like system for developing software is a must have.


I use hyper as my terminal application.

But most of the time I run shells under Emacs with ansi-term.


The reason I’m attached to fish is the Autosuggestions feature.

I run shell commands very often and some times I can’t remember which arguments the command takes exactly, as soon as I type the first chars of the command fish suggest me how to complete such command, it suggests a previous commands I’ve executed.

Another thing is fish highlights invalid commands as default, coloring them with red, e.g. if I misspell gti I can prevent myself from running that invalid command and rectify it with git.

Consider before using Fish

Many people complaint because fish isn’t POSIX/bash-compliant, is that truly bad as for not using it? see this topic.


Running cd to browse a bunch of directories is a pain, autojump helps me to cd into directories in a faster and less mental effort way.

Get it from here

Pure theme

I use Pure.fish as the command prompt theme.

Color theme

Colors are really important to me, it defines whether I can see a terminal all day or not, but is also a matter of taste, so I really like: hyperterm-material


If you can distinguish between the following characters: i I l L 1 o O 0 Then that’s the right font for you.

I’m currently using Hack.